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About Pharmacopeia Drug Discovery Inc

Pharmacopeia Drug Discovery, Inc. incorporated in February 2002, is a biopharmaceutical company, focused on the creation of small molecule therapeutics to address unmet medical needs. Using its own technologies and processes, the Company identifies, optimizes and develops drug candidates in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and through its own internally funded drug discovery programs. Pharmacopeia's later-stage portfolio comprises multiple partnered programs that have been advanced into human clinical trials, with further programs in late-stage, pre-clinical development. Pharmacopeia also has approximately 40 partnered and internal programs in discovery.

Core Technology and Drug Discovery Platform

Pharmacopeia's drug discovery approach is supported by its own combinatorial chemistry encoding technology. The Company's drug discovery approach is supported by its own combinatorial chemistry encoding technology, Encoded Combinatorial Libraries on Polymeric Support (ECLiPS), its own collection of chemical compounds, assay technology, production automation, information systems and quality assurance programs.

Pharmacopeia Drug Discovery Inc.
PO Box 5350
Princeton, NJ 08543-5350
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