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InfoSpace, Inc

About InfoSpace 

 InfoSpace is a leader in mobile entertainment, private-label search and online directory. The company is comprised of two divisions - Search & Directory and Mobile. The InfoSpace Search & Directory division uses unique metasearch technology to provide Internet search and directory services. 

The mobile division offers wireless solutions that help customers build stronger brands and generate incremental revenue. InfoSpace enable delivery of information and entertainment services to consumers, while creating opportunities for partners, advertisers and content publishers. 

About InfoSpace Search & Directory

InfoSpace Search & Directory markets Web search and online directory products that help users find the information they need while creating revenue opportunities for merchants. InfoSpace Search & Directory operates a family of Internet properties that includes WebFetch (), Dogpile (, Switchboard (, WebCrawler (, ( and MetaCrawler ( InfoSpace Search & Directory also powers Web search, along with online yellow and white pages, for a variety of Web sites. InfoSpace Search & Directory is a business of InfoSpace, Inc. (NASDAQ:INSP)

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