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Informatica Corporation is a provider of enterprise data integration software. Informatica generates its revenues from sales of software licenses and services, which consist of maintenance, consulting and education services. Informatica software handles a variety of complex enterprise-wide data integration initiatives, including data migration, data consolidation, data synchronization, data warehousing and the establishment of data hubs and data services. The Informatica enterprise data integration platform enables and accelerates data integration initiatives, allowing enterprises to meet new business requirements by utilizing cost-effective information technology (IT) systems; to reduce overall IT expenses by extending and adapting IT systems, and to implement best practices. With Informatica's enterprise data integration platform, business and IT decision makers can facilitate sophisticated information delivery across the enterprise. The Informatica platform is designed to access and integrate data from a large variety of enterprise systems, in a variety of formats, and deliver that data throughout the enterprise.

Informatica Corp.
100 Cardinal Way
Redwood City, CA 94063
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